Mega Hamam Spa as one of the first massage salons in Antalya and in Turkey applied chocolate bath, chocolate massage and chocolate mask, when had understood that even the smell of chocolate immediately showing the effect of endorphin releases reflected in the body, provides the guests with incredible experience and pleasant feelings.
The effect of chocolate, which comes into contact with the skin, begins to show its power from the first minutes of the usage.

As chocolate, which regulates brain releases, enters the body through the opened outer skin pores, stress disappears, the body relaxes and passes into a state of rest and balance. On the contrary, if you make chocolate applications you will even observe the rapid change in your skin.

Mega Hamam & Massage Salon hopes to share this unforgettable experience with all your friends using hot chocolate drinks that will be offered to you after the treatment. We are waiting for you in our massage center for the first experience.

For more information about Mega Hamam (Turkish Bath & Massage) and our services or to make an appointment, you can contact us via WhatsApp +90 533 924 85 07

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