Our Sauna & Steam Treatment section in Mega Hamam (Antalya) has been modernized, with its large space and continuous dry and hot air with heat protection from 60° to 90° degrees, where you can sit, lie down, where you can mingle with even 10 to 15 friends at the same time, where you can take a hot air bath as well.

In a continuously ventilated environment, humidification is being manually applied to provide smooth breathing and temperature resistance between 5% and 10%. A fresh environment of sauna section is also created during the moisture balancing phase with aromatic herbal essences added to the refreshing liquid.

Sauna treatment provides an effective source of peace, thanks to the secreted endorphins, while stabilizing the body in a balanced environment. Revitalized skin allows you to look in the mirror with more pleasure. Mega Hamam massages provided after sauna add different positive effects to each client`s results.

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