Seaweed, which is a marine plant with numerous varieties, has been used as a skin elixir in all cultures for centuries.

Among the numerous useful minerals seaweed contains, sodium, magnesium, silica, oxygen, chlorine. Its effects vary depending on color and shape.

Especially blue and green-toned plants stimulate metabolism and trigger the external skin to repair in a rapid pull.

Antalya Mega Hamam & Massage offers its guests a seaweed bath that lasts 45 minutes in average, purifying the dead skin and exfoliating with skin thinning properties. Being fed to the skin by wrapping in aluminum foil, it allows the skin to breathe directly with seaweed and enter the cells through the open pores. Therefore, the seaweed bath is one of our recommendations as a refreshing anti-aging treatment.

Seaweed massage, which will be safely preferred as a SPA massage, regulates blood circulation, relaxes additions, reduces stress and fatigue, and is useful to serve for fresh skin.

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