Mega Hamam Antalya Massage salon serves with a team of professional Shiatsu masseurs. It is a hands-on therapy that originated in Japan. Similar to acupressure, but there are no needles involved in shiatsu. Shiatsu therapists use fingers and palm`s pressure to stimulate particular points with a therapeutic intention to restore body`s harmony and balance.

In alternative medicine, Shiatsu massage is defined as calming the nervous system at a high level, speeding up blood circulation and providing relaxation of stretched muscles and reducing stress to normal levels.

Shiatsu massage techniques often associated with a form of energy or meridian based therapy in the West. However, the shiatsu officially taught and commonly practiced in Japan and is mainly based on the neuromuscular system which has incorporated a philosophy and techniques of Western body working processes (spondylotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic), and elements of traditional Japanese massage and manipulation techniques. We use a low massage table, belly stone and flat floor as a ground to serve the clients. A comfortable outfit can remain on you, as no oil is used during the massage.

As Shiatsu is known as an alternative medicine practice, we want to show here what is useful for you to know before you go. First, in our massage salon, this technique will relax you, especially if you have an anxiety problems, it will reduce your head pain and normalize the sleep as well.

Fatigue minimizing massage application will relieve your back pain, neck contraction and shoulder pain, especially if you have rheumatic problems. The women menstrual pains have been confirmed to be relieved too.

If you have a contagious skin disease, or if you are at risk of infections and have open wounds, or have had a surgery not long before the scheduled treatment, it is not recommended to use Shiatsu massage. Please, inform our staff about mentioned problems if any.

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