In Mega Hamam & SPA & Massage center, mud is prepared with special ingredients and applied as warm, wrap-up for the entire body up to the neck area. Mud masks of different consistency are also applied to the face area in accordance with the demand made by the guests. After waiting for enough time, it is enough to rinse the areas with pure cold water.

If you have a request from our Antalya Massage Center to apply a mud bath and mask before your appointment, special mud is prepared for you if you book in advance.

Mega Hamam & Massage Center in Antalya offers the mud therapy as alternative medicine for rheumatic diseases, skin disorders, respiratory disorders considering that mud contains radioactive material and sulfur.

You can take volcanic ash and thick mud containing various minerals as an alternative medicine method to repair your skin and give vitamins and natural antibiotics from the outer skin, if booked in advance.

For more information about Mega Hamam (Turkish Bath & Massage) and our services or to make an appointment, you can contact us via WhatsApp +90 533 924 85 07