Sıcak Taş Masaj Salonu - Antalya/LaraA Hot Stone massage method discovered in Europe in the 90s soon spread from the UK to the whole world and was quickly accepted in high-quality massage salons.

Hot stone therapies are made with volcanic lava stones and practiced in our Mega Hamam Massage Salon in Antalya using the capability of these stones to absorb heat and maintain it for a long time.

The effect occurs when the smooth, shiny and flat surfaces of volcanic stones are heated in hot water, and the heat is released into the skin.

Hot stones heated in water are consciously placed in the key points of the body by the masseur of the Mega Hamam massage salon.

From the first seconds, heat can be felt deeply into the body, and so the therapy begins. Thanks to the areas affected by stones, the blood circulation will be accelerated, and more oxygen will be absorbed by tissues and cells.

All these properties cause indescribable relaxation in the process of getting a massage.

Then we start a light massage with aroma oils. In these first minutes, the body begins to absorb plant extract and thermotherapy, and in the hydrotherapy application triangle, all the stimulation begins to put the body into balance.

Sıcak Taş Masaj Salonu - Antalya/Lara

By mobilizing hot stones into the scrub shape, water, oil and heat quickly take their power deep in the cells.

Hot Stone massage gives an effect 5 times faster than all massages, is one of our most recommended.

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