The classic massage in Mega Hamam (Antalya) blends light and medium strokes and combines long, gliding strokes, gentle kneading, warm friction, and vibration to release tension and improve circulation. Exfoliation and fully body massage come together to relax your muscles and remove dead skin cells. You will get the feeling of relaxation, combined with the joy of having glowing, smooth, soft and supple skin will leave a smile on your face. Classic massage, which is the starting point of medical massage applications, bears the Chinese culture.

How Is A Classic Massage Performed In The Mega Hamam Massage Room?

As with all general massages, first of all, a steam bath is taken in our sauna section. After at least 10 minutes of sauna enjoyment and foam applications in the traditional Turkish bath (“Hammam”), the skin is purified and the massage begins in the standard massage position in the massage room specially prepared and equipped with fragrances in the massage section.

What Are The Benefits Of Classic Massage, Which Is An Effective Massage In Mega Massage Salon?

Classic massage in Mega Hamam Antalya, which can also be applied with or without oil, is very effective in improving unstable blood pressure and normalizing blood circulation. It is widely known as special Turkish massage. Both athletes and monotonous office workers prefer this treatment thanks to its receptive effect and dynamic feeling.

Therefore, it behaves as an antidepressant against stress. Continuous construction made by our staff prevents cardiovascular diseases in old ages. It is a source of healing due to its toxin-releasing benefits, especially when applied sequentially during seasonal transitions.

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