★ Mega Hamam Sauna & SPA center serving in Lara district of Antalya is capable of presenting all treatments of traditional Turkish Bath (Hammam) culture and is authorized to perform full body massages with alternative medicine content suitable for any needs and supervised by professional staff.
★ In addition to the classic body polish, foam bath and steam bath, you can get mud bath, seaweed bath, chocolate bath, manicure, pedicure, finest treats for hands and feet among the offered treats.
★ Our Hamam & Massage Center is able to accommodate 30 people at the same time. You can come individually, as well as visit in groups.

MEGA HAMAM, one of the most comprehensive Turkish Bath and Sauna centers in Antalya, will be honored to welcome you.

What to know before you go?

★ Mega Hamam Antalya (Lara-Güzeloba District of Antalya) recommends to come without wearing jewelry.
★ Contact lenses can cause eye irritation, so it is recommended to remove the lenses first before visiting the Turkish Bath and leave the glasses outside.
★ The food eaten before visiting the Turkish bath creates bloating, so, please eat at least two hours before your scheduled visit. Although it is not recommended to come fully hungry as well. As there will be fluid and mineral loss, there may be fainting or nausea, so you are kindly requested to tell our staff about your stomach condition before the hammam. Between treatments, you can request mineral-rich liquids.
★ It is not recommended to come to the Turkish bath with alcohol, as alcohol will react with heat.
★ If you have low or high blood pressure, you can take advantage of our treatments in the cool sections of the Mega Hamam in Antalya.
★ If you have serious heart problems and shortness of breath, it is recommended that you specify both to our staff and stay away from too hot and humid sections

Does The Turkish Bath Have Health Benefits?

★ Regular bath visits positively support our immunity.
★ During the bath, our lymphatic system is cleaned and blood circulation increases.
★ Metabolism works faster, even in a stationary state.
★ It is effective in opening the sinuses and regulating breathing.
★ Humidity in the Turkish bath has positive effects on cancer and Infectious Diseases.
★ Steam bath has a special effect in removing toxin-containing lubrication

Are Therapeutic Practices Performed In The Bathhouse?

Mega Hamam Antalya – Lara is located in the center and has integrated more than 20 different massage treatments with its long years of history and experience, providing additional massage practices that are most suitable for the needs of the clients.

Mega Hamam is a family owned business with a decent environment which provides spiritual and physical regeneration therapy as well as pampering and skin renewal.

For more information about Mega Hamam (Turkish Bath & Massage) and our services or to make an appointment, you can contact us via WhatsApp +90 533 924 85 07