Choose from our signature oils before the aromatherapy, enjoy the scent drawn from eastern and western influences, use the technique which focuses on intensive muscle release. Aromatherapy served by the staff of Mega Hamam relieves muscular tension and lymphatic drainage and encourages healthy blood circulation. Thanks to spiritual touches, our guests feel relaxed and refreshed.

There are different aromatic oils adapted to your personal sense of smell. Please, note that our guests are given a scent test before the massage and we will serve with this aromatic oil mixture of your particular interest.

Since the beautiful smell always has the ability to increase the secretion of endorphins, emotional relief begins from the moment you enter our massage salon. The right scent placed on a person’s skin allows your body to purify and find balance experiencing the feeling that the body is pampered. The average time of each session is 60 Minutes, performed with a mixture of medicinal plant and flower oils polishing the skin and quickly restoring the outer skin texture.

The aromas of the signature oils mixed from the roots, leaves and inner veins of plants and flowers will be inhaled with your each and every breath and remain in the body and brain.

Aromatherapy massage is not only one we serve at our salon. But It is the one preferred in alternative medicine based on many years of experience. It is widely used in almost all countries with the origins from India, China and Egypt.

Aromatherapy would normally be served with very expensive oils. By obtaining cheap chemical oils, the brain will attract fake stimulation. That’s probably why antidepressants are so common today. Especially in the Mega Hamam massage salon section, the application of this therapy with a mixture of self-oils obtained completely manually in the old way. This has kept us in touch with the same guests for over many years. Staying in mental and physical health also contributes to spiritual balancing, which is accepted in traditional medical branches, and and in alternative medicine as well.

Today, knowledge and experience with real and alternative medicine devoted to a common point of all oils, used in aromatherapy, provide a powerful antiseptic, germicide effect, regulatory and healing, which stimulate rapid cell regenerative power.

For more information about Mega Hamam (Turkish Bath & Massage) and our services or to make an appointment, you can contact us via WhatsApp +90 533 924 85 07